qdi420x_407194216Ultra Pure Deionization (DI) Cartridge

Mixed bed, Ultra Pure Water Grade Non color changing DI resin,
Uses final polishing of RO/DI system for highly pure water
production, include REEF LIFE RO/DI and Add on DI unit.

FT75-4-480x360_944154653Reverse Osmosis Membrane element

We choose Filmtec membrane from DOW chemical because of reliability of product quality.

From our testing, Filmtec membrane is the best in start up time and do not have any effect from preservative to the aquarium.

Reef standard Pre-filter set

Trustable sediment filter from GE

High performance activate carbon block from KX

PurtrexTH 1Micron Purtrex sediment depth filter

Trustable sediment filter from GE

High performance, long Service life.